Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beaded Combo Braid

This style is the beaded combo braid, that has small braids combined into one big braid.  *I absolutely love this style, it is beautiful* First I parted a section in the front, pulled the hair in the back away with a hair tie.  The front section was then parted evenly down the middle. (I am now standing on the right side of my daughter looking down on her hair). On the left side of the parted section, I braided small cornrows that are going inward toward the right side, and are braided all the way down the hair strand.  Then for the opposite side (the right section) I braided the cornrows going inward toward the left side, and again braiding all the way down each strand of hair. Then at the begining of the two seperated, braided sections, I started to braid them into one big braid going from one side of the head to the next (basically a big french style braid).  Then as I got to the end of the big braid, I tied a rubber band (matching the hair color) around it and started beading with all those fabulous colors:) At the back of her hair I combed and detangled (of course) and sectioned layers of her hair, (I like to start at the bottom, back) and rolled her hair in rollers.  I know there are a million and one rollers to choose from, and whatever you pick that works best for you, go ahead and use them.  I have the Conair head to toe spiral rollers, I have the purple and the pink ones that are different sizes.  I like to alternate the rollers when I use them.  For instance,  roll one section in a big purple spiral roller, the next one I will use the smaller pink spiral roller.  It makes the curls look more natural, and full. I knew my daughter N. had alot of hair, but when I took out these spiral rollers from her hair, I said wow! I couldn't beleive how full her hair looked, it was beautiful.  If you try any of these styles, I would love to see how they turned out.  Send me some pics and I can start a hair share, similar to that of the great Nikki at Beads Braids and Beyond:)

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