Monday, March 1, 2010

Crisscross Twisted Ponytails

The crisscross, twisted style into two ponytails.  This was alot of fun and alot of work :) After parting the front into the design of choice, I started twisting the hair as I added the rainbow pattern beads.  Then I tied off the top with rubber bands, twisted the ends of the back, tied them into the opposite sides of the ponytails. Their are also two big cornrows on each side. I have been making my own hair accessories to match the colors of an outfit or theme of the hair.  I use the wire that is used for the hair wraps.  Cutting the right size of wire, wrapping a bead at the bottom to keep the other beads from sliding off, then adding the colors of choice, and finally securing the end by wrapping the ends of the wire together.  Hopefully I explained that okay, if you'd like me to show you step by step with photos on this inexpensive way to accessorize your style just let me know:)


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