Sunday, March 7, 2010

Half Cornrows

Here are a couple of "half head" cornrow style designs.  The first on my daughter N. is basic, most of the braids are just straight back and tied up top with the rubber band. A couple of the braids in the middle are curved, so just part with the tip of the comb, (as though you were drawing) and make a swirl movement which will create the curved part, continue with the braid and you got it. The back of the hair has some of the Bioterra product, which is a curling creme.

This one on my neice D. has three sections that are parted, each set are cornrowed going three seperate ways.  The back few cornrows are small and go straight back, then tie off with the rubber band.  The middle part was parted on a slant and sectioned off, three going to the left and about five going toward the right. I braided each at a slant and curved up toward the center and tied with the rubber bands. In this picture D.'s hair has no product on her curls, just the water and conditioner. (That's why it looks so flat and wet) When I was finished with her braids, I applied some of the Bioterra product as well.

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