Wednesday, March 10, 2010

X Braids Two Strand Twists

This one is the X braid in the back with four small pony tails and all the ends are twisted with two strands.  This cornrow design in the front is pretty basic, no difficult pattern or anything. I made the cornrows come together in the middle to make five seperate pony tails, and added the hair accessories.  The back design of this style is something  found on Beads Braids and Beyond from the talented Nikki.  First I made the parts for the x shape and braided one side, then when I did the other side of the x that braid actually crosses over the other.  Then I made four pony tails in the back with the extra hair sections. The ends of the hair (the top cornrows and the pony tails in the back) are twisted with two strands.

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