Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Criss Cross Braid Ponys

Here is the criss cross braids into two ponys style. First I parted the hair exactly down the middle. Then I parted (left to right) a thin section in the front (which is used for the twists). I smoothed out the pony and did not put the hair tie on just yet.  For the sides,  I made two square/diamond sections one by each ear, and braided them all the way through, adding a rainbow pattern bead desing.  For the braids up top, I made the same shape for the sections and as I pulled them back toward the ponytails, I braided them all the way, then divided them equally, so the left side of the braids were pulled back into the right side pony, and so on for the other side. Then each ponytail was secured with a rubber band and the hair accessories.


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