Monday, March 1, 2010

Deep Conditioning Treatment Review

I was recently searching for a new deep conditioning treatment for the kids. Mainly I wanted something that was semi or all natural. I ran across many products in Sally's (beauty supply store), although most were ridiculously priced or they had way too many ingredients.  I have bought Motions products before and loved them.  So, I picked their CPR Deep Conditioning and Repair Treatment.  I washed their hair regularly, applied the treatment, and put the shower cap on, (my son 2 yrs. old was not feeling the shower cap, and quickly ripped that off :) After it set for about 5-10 minutes, I rinsed out with cool water, and quickly noticed how smooth and soft their hair was.  I liked this product for the end result, however my only complaint is that it has alot of small herbal pieces that are hard to wash out when rinsing. Please feel free to share  brands/product info. with us that you have had good results with; especially those for curly hair types, and children.

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