Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Butterfly Half Cornrows

This style was for my neice D.'s 3rd birthday party last year:) I planned on this being shaped exactly like a butterfly on top.  I would definetly be able to create this look again but much better looking.  So here is the idea,  braid one cornrow down the center of the head (for the butterfly body) then take the comb and literally outline the shape of a butterfly, one the right side and on the left side, and start your cornrows in the shape, then tie them up top with the rubber bands. The body and the sides of the butterfly cornrows all came together up top, in the middle and added the hair accessories. For the sides of the hair I just made regular cornrows. Near the front of her hair line, I parted a straight section, from one side to the next. With this section I made two cornrows on each side, one coming straight down the side and added butterfly beads, the other cornrow goes from the top and ends below the eye level (leaving the curl at the bottom of the braid). The back of the hair was left out with her beautiful curls.


  1. This style is beautiful! How to do separate the hair during parting on such an elaborate hair style?

  2. Thank you, I keep the sections seperated by keeping the hair back in a hair tie or if it's a section right near the braid that I'm working on, I'll use the comb (leaving the comb in the hair). I hope that makes sense:)