Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Products

When I do cornrows I use the Proclaim Beeswax, (depending on the hair color of the client) I use either the black or the clear.  This product is great for braids, cornrows and dreads. It helps to keep the hair down and remain all in the braid.  On my daughter N.'s hair, in between washes, every day or every other day I do one of two things.  First is the Cantu Shea Butter, this is for super shine, helps prevent breakage, repairs split ends and most importantly reduces frizz:) Second  I just use the spray bottle which contains water and conditioner.  I am always searching for a new and improved hair product for curls, especially when I need a product for my daughter and my son's hair when going all natural. For now I am using Bioterra from Naturelle, it is a curling creme styling product. So far it is a good product, my only problem with it is that it isn't very good for eliminating or reducing the frizz.  Also, the Smooth N Shine Gellation styling gel.  This product is good, I like the hold of the product.  When I am searching for a good hair product for the kids, I obviously have to keep in mind the price, and the products that I use currently are great on that.  I do love Carol's Daughter 's products, I have the Healthy Hair Butter right now, and it helps with conditioning and shine.  If you can afford their products in your budget, then that's the way to go.  So let us know if you have found a great product that lives up to it's claims and offers a great deal, love to hear about it:)

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