Saturday, March 6, 2010

Poinsettia Hairstyle

Here is a style that I did on my daughter N.'s hair for Christmas last year.  The design is shaped like a poinsettia leaf. First I parted straight across, ear to ear.  Tied the back section in a pony tail and out of the way.  The front section, I parted in the shape of the poinsettia leaf and braided a cornrow for the outline of it, then the inside of the poinsettia leaf was combed out straight and tied with a rubber band. N.'s Christmas dress was black with leopard print, so I used the gold and black beads.  The beads were added to each tip (top) of the poinsettia leaf, alternating gold and black.  The end strands of each poinsettia leaf and each straightend end, I twisted and pinned them at the top with a light color clip.

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